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Are you a business interested in distributing, reselling or wholesaling our market leading
voice amplifier? 

We currently work with 1000s of schools across Australia to provide voice amplifiers for teachers and are seeking passionate and trail blazing international and local businesses who are on the lookout for a market leading and trending product.

Along with signing our first distribution agreement with an Australian leading education supply company in 2022 we are on the hunt for more resellers, distributors or wholesalers who can benefit from this amazing product.

The voice amplifiers come highly regarded amongst vocal care professionals and is currently being considered as a recommendation for a large government jurisdiction. Our voice amplifiers are locally supported (Australia) and have been tested and approved to Australian and New Zealand standards. We can also get the units tested and approved to your country subject to distribution agreements.


The Opportunity:

Teachers have the highest vocal demands of any profession and are required to talk for many hours a day, often in poor acoustic environments.

  • Educators deal with more background noise which leads to increased vocal strain.

  • We are aware that teachers should be focusing on, but often neglect the thought that their voice is the most valuable teaching tool.

  • As a result, teachers are at great risk for occupational-related voice disorders. In fact, about 58 percent of teachers will develop a voice disorder in their lifetime. (Huffington Post 2011)



We are determined in helping the educators and have created VOIZ. A small personal portable voice amplifier that is lightweight, durable and has a twenty-five metre clarity range at its highest volume. We have focused our efforts around designing a sleek and fashionable tool with four funky colours.


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