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Wireless FM Microphone Headset

The Wireless FM Microphone Headset is designed to work with stereo or speaker that have FM radio frequency. ie Voice Amplifer, Bus Radio, Car Radio & Hand Held Radio.


1. High-definition digital display frequency, makes operation more easy and convenient.
2. The light built-in polymer battery allows quick recharge and long usage time (10 hours)
3. Widely used: teaching, tour guides, sales promotion, lectures, meetings, karaoke, fans singing and so on purpose.

Colour: Black
Transmission frequency: 87.0 Mhz to 108Mhz

Operating Steps:
1. Switch on the main power supply of microphone, and the Screen will display radio station band number.
2. Press the"+" "-" key to adjust the radio frequency, and choose a band number between 87.5MHz~108MHz. (Note: Select the number that it dose not exit in local radio frequency bands, for example 89.7)
3. Turn on the machine that with FM radio function, stretch antenna  and tuned to FM radio mode, tune radio frequency  into the same with the number of display.  And you can use the Wireless microphone after the machine matching pair with the ratio frenquency.
4. Put the Microphone on your head and speak into the microphone, you can amplificate your voice.

Package Content:
1 x FM Wireless Microphone Headset
1 x USB Cable



Transmit power: ≤10mW

Transmition distance: 3 metres 

Power supply: built-in 450mAh lithium battery

Charging time: 2-3 hours

Working time: about 8 hours

Weight: 50g

Wireless FM Microphone Headset

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