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Voice Amplifier - White

VOIZ is a portable, light weight and powerful voice amplifier for teachers. This tool accommodates vocal projection so that teachers do not strain their voice whilst teaching both inside and outside of the classroom as well as through a face mask. Its unique, stylish and portable shape with various colour options makes it the perfect teaching tool to complement any attire or personality.  
The amplifier comes with an adjustable waist/neck band, a removable belt clip and an adjustable headset microphone which is comfortable to wear. This product comes ready to use and requires no set up.  
Developed for indoor and outdoor use, the speaker's volume ability is impressive. The volume can be adjusted with the small turn of a button, making the amplifier's use broad for a range of teaching environments. May it be for teaching a small group of students in the classroom or speaking on playground duty, this speaker will make sure you are heard with exertion on your voice. When using the device, your voice can be clearly heard up to 25 metres away at maximum volume.  

  • Can be worn over a face mask or beneath a face shield for protected teaching.
  • Developed for indoor and outdoor use (enough volume to fill a classroom and to assist out on outdoor duty & bus duty).
  • Clear vocal projection up to 25 metres.
  • Rechargeable and replaceable battery. Standby time can last approx. 18-22 hours, more than 12 hours of continuous use after a full charge.
  • Dimensions approximately 8.5cmW x 4cmD x 13cmH.
  • Weight: 225g.
  • Professional sound amplifying – less than 0.3% distortion.
  • Dual use voice amplifier (Wired and Wireless).
  • Support AUX audio input, can be used as computer speaker; support SD Card (not more than 32GB) music player, can directly play MP3, WMA, WAV format audio.
  • Accepts USB card.
  • FM radio function.
  • Microphone recording function (works with USB or SD card).
  • Bluetooth connectivity.


Package Content:

1 x Voice Amplifier,  x Professional Headset Microphone (wired), 1 x User Manual, 1 x USB Cable, 1 x Waistband Belt and 1x AUX Cord.

Voice Amplifier - White

AU$208.00 Regular Price
AU$166.40Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax
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