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Multipurpose Megaphone with Police Siren 25w (Rechargeable)

This portable rechargeable multi-purpose megaphone is perfect for use in areas where you need to be heard loudly and clearly. We offer express shipping and express delivery.


It features a high-sensitive dynamic microphone with ant-squeal technology which projects sound up to 50 metres.


Other features include sound recording up to 5 minutes, plays music via Bluetooth connectivity and sounds the siren. An impressive feature of this lightweight and powerful amplifier is its ability to connect to a device via Bluetooth and used simultaneously while projecting your voice through the microphone.


The megaphone weighs only 440g and will direct sound towards your target audience rather than letting your voice scatter. 


We support Megaphone wholesale. Please get in touch for pricing. 


Package Content

1 x Thinc Megaphone

1 x Strap

1 x Rechargeable Cord

1 x Manual

Multipurpose Megaphone with Police Siren 25w (Rechargeable)

AU$118.00 Regular Price
AU$68.00Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax
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